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Rent arrears for Tenants – How to avoid them

This story is aimed at tenants concerned over rent arrears. Make no mistake - if you fail to make your rent payments to your landlord you will immediately fall into rent arrears. Ignoring this will only make the problem worse, so the best advice is to take action as quickly as you can. Don't make the common mistake of simply [...]

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Right to Rent checks amongst landlord biggest worries

Right to rent checks by landlords have been requested by the Government following the 2014 Immigration Act. The checks expected to be carried out have brought about much controversy, particularly with landlords. The check's may seem simple enough, but there’s a lot to consider when carrying them out. The government has had a much stricter focus when dealing with right [...]

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Buy to Let Millionaire Wilson confirms 1000+ sale

Fergus and Judith Wilson, a British couple from Maidstone, started their Buy to Let property empire back in 1986. Originally teachers, they gave up their educating careers and began buying new builds and remortgaging them when prices increased. Wilson told The Telegraph that it was ‘remarkably easy because no-one knew what they were doing’. When house prices were lower, the [...]

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Online letting agents no match for traditional agents

With online letting agents like 'Purplebricks' and 'YOPA' appearing on our TV screens, it's no wonder that some landlords are wondering what all the noise is about. But are online agents really the best option for finding tenants for you rental property? Here we spell out 5 reasons why online agents aren't necessarily the best solution for landlords:     [...]

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Letting agents in Nottingham leak 7 steps to perfect tenants

Finding the perfect tenants has long been the holy grail for many buy to let landlords and letting agents in Nottingham. Horror stories of tenants damaging houses and leaving with huge rent arrears are rife. Many TV programmes now regularly show this rather sinister side of the lettings sector. Thankfully, circumstances like these are in fact quite rare. However, there [...]

Letting Agents in Nottingham face EPC rules change

As letting agents in Nottingham we are working hard with landlords to advise on the upcoming changes in EPC rules. Like it or not, the UK government are taking no prisoners when it comes to cleaning up the private rental sector. Landlords are not only being hit in the pocket via significant restrictions to mortgage interest tax relief. There are [...]

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