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Find the answers here to the most frequently asked questions.

1.    How much deposit will I have to pay?

This will depend on the type of property you rent. For most properties the deposit will be equal to one month’s rent. So for a typical property with a rent of £595pcm the deposit will be £595.

2.    How do I get my deposit back?

Provided the property has been looked after during the tenancy and there are no breakages or damage your deposit will be returned in full. In the event that there has been material changes in the property your landlord reserves the right to repair or replace items. Save for fair wear and tear.

3.    What references are required?

This will depend on whether you are in full time employment or not. If employed, during the application process you will be asked to provide an employer reference and character reference. In the event that you are currently renting a property you will also be asked to provide a landlord reference.

4.    How do I report a maintenance problem?

You can report all maintenance problems by calling our office on 0115 981 9651 (9am – 5.30pm Monday – Friday / 9am – 1.00pm Saturday). A Property Manager will immediately arrange for an inspection of the problem and report back to you on findings and any plan to resolve. Should you need to report an EMERGENCY please call Will Brandley on 07791 053 643.

5.    How does an inventory work?

An inventory is a vital document that sets out both the condition of the property and it’s contents. It is a record that is referred to during periodic inspections of the property to cross reference items and for the final check out on the day you eventually move out. All of our inventories are typewritten and also carry photographs clearly illustrating the condition at the time of check in. Any discrepancy that is discovered later on can easily be verified with the ability to withhold monies from the initial deposit save for fair wear and tear.

6.    Who is responsible for the gardens?

Generally it is the tenant’s responsibility to maintain gardens. These should be kept in the same condition as the day the tenancy first began. Any variation to this will be picked up on final check out as part of checking the inventory and reported back to the landlord for consideration.

7.    What are the application fees?

Our tenant fees are: £175 (one applicant), £230 (two applicants) and £285 (three applicants) and £340 (four applicants). This fee covers the cost of all credit and reference checks plus the drawing up of your tenancy agreement.

8.    Am I allowed to have pets?

This will ultimately depend on the landlord. Some landlords are happy to agree to pets being in a property at no extra charge. Some landlords charge an additional monthly fee for the wear and tear caused by pets.

9.    Do I need insurance?

Your landlord will maintain buildings insurance and may also have a contents insurance in place for their own fixtures and fittings. We would strongly recommend that you also have a contents policy to safeguard your personal belongings throughout the tenancy.

10.  Can I extend my tenancy?

In most cases it is possible to extend your tenancy beyond the original term. Any new agreement would have to be agreed by both tenant and landlord.

11.  Will my rent increase?

All tenancies are subject to an annual rent review. However, we do not impose these as it is the landlords responsibility to decide on whether or not to conduct a review. In the event that a landlord does wish to increase the rent they must provide a minimum two months notice allowing you sufficient time to decide if you wish to accept this and continue with the tenancy.

12.  What if my landlord is reluctant to carry out maintenance?

Should your landlord not carry out maintenance and repairs in a speedy manner we will help to ensure this is the case. Please contact your Property Manager to report any problems.

13.  Can my landlord simply take possession of the property if I fall behind with the rent?

In the event that you stop making rental payments you will be asked to bring your account up to date as soon as possible. Your landlord cannot automatically take possession. Instead they would have to seek possession through a court which is both costly and time consuming. Where there is a genuine reason for not having paid rent it is almost always better to come to an arrangement with the landlord that enables you to get back on your feet and we would always strive to help in any way that we can.

Got a question? Feel free to call our office on 0115 981 9651.

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