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Understanding changes in stricter buy to let lending

30th September 2017 witnessed a sea change in financing rules for buy to let. New PRA (Prudential Regulation Authority) guidelines were introduced for landlords. But many affected are unaware of what is to happen. The rulings were particularly focused on buy to let landlords and lending requirements. One Savings Bank carried out a survey of 200 buy to let landlords [...]

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House Prices 2018 – Crash or Boom?

Experts have warned that we could see a massive 40 per cent fall in UK house prices in 2018. The Professor of Economic Geography at LSE has cautioned that the property market is on the brink of a collapse. The plummet echoes that of a similar crash Britain faced in the 1990s.   What could a house prices crash mean [...]

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Letting agent fees ban to affect Landlords

The possibility of a letting agent fees ban is currently on most landlord’s lips. But how will this introduction really affect landlords? Not only could this ban bring about problems for landlord’s relationships with agents, but also issues for tenants. With all the unknowns it's no wonder landlords are trying to gain some understanding about the proposed changes. What are [...]

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What’s in the latest Housing White Paper?

Earlier this year, the government released their hotly anticipated Housing White Paper. For most amateur landlords with perhaps just one or two rental properties this subject may seem overbearing. But bear with us. Perhaps all landlords should now take the government's stance on the housing market more seriously given the explosion in England's population. Importantly, the paper explains in detail [...]

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Selective Licensing on increase for Landlords

Landlord licensing in general is on the increase following the introduction of Selective Licensing 27 March 2015. Selective Licensing for landlords has now been introduced by many local authorities up and down the land. The aim is to improve the Private Rental Sector (PRS) within areas known to harbour both rogue landlords and anti-social behaviour. Regulations now require all landlords [...]

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