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HMO Management rules – how they apply to landlords

Leading HMO Experts, Slater & Brandley have advised that landlords considering investing in houses in multiple occupation must first ensure they understand the importance of the various HMO management rules if they are to stay on the right side of the law. Getting things wrong can ultimately mean at best the need to rectify a problem and a possible fine [...]

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Why the HMO property model makes great financial sense

As leading HMO property agents we are often asked what makes the best financial sense when starting on the journey investing in property. The problem with this question is that we can only really reply with our one stock answer - ‘it depends on your goals’. What perhaps is more surprising is that we hear the same question asked by both novice and more experienced [...]

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Nottingham letting agents advise landlords to plan for mortgage interest relief changes

George Osborne’s July 2015 budget witnessed what many now see as a step change in how larger landlords will be forced to pay significantly more income tax from 2021. The material difference is in how finance costs will be treated with just 20% of interest payments being an allowable expense from this point. Whilst the change will be phased in from [...]

Letting agents warn pension reforms may create 40,000 new landlords

'Silver landlords’ now looking at UK Buy to Let Pension reforms introduced in April 2015 have lead to letting agents predicting that with as many as 400,000 ‘silver landlords’ over the age of 55 now able to cash in their pension, approximately 40,000 will opt to invest in a second property as a buy to let investment. This could ultimately [...]

HMO letting agents report significant growth in house share market

The HMO backdrop With so many first time buyers effectively priced out of the housing market it may come as no surprise that many working professionals are instead now opting to rent an ‘all inclusive’ room via HMO letting agents within a shared house as their first rung on the property ladder. Gone are the days of the typical house [...]

Why it’s becoming important to use an ARLA regulated lettings agency

Letting agents and ARLA regulation Professional landlords seeking the help of letting agents in Nottingham should be in no doubt that by employing the services of a regulated firm they have far greater protection should anything untoward happen when letting their property. For most of us it remains astonishing that just eleven Nottingham letting agents have voluntarily elected to become [...]