Letting agents in Nottingham

As part of our unique viewing process here at Slater & Brandley we often ask applicants what is important to them when looking at a property for rent. You would assume we hear things along the lines of “new carpets, full redecoration, new bathroom and kitchen” – all very costly benefits you might think.

However, our applicants already know what the property looks like – in fact, in 9 out of 10 cases they have seen the photographs online. Our comprehensive descriptions give them all the remaining technical nitty gritty. What really makes a difference to them can cost as little as a spare Sunday afternoon and some good old fashioned elbow grease. You see what really makes a difference is providing a clean, safe property.

A good scrub, an air freshener and a run around with the hoover really can be the key to a quick and successful let. Hygiene in bathrooms and kitchens in particular should be at the top of your list – would you want to cook in a dirty kitchen without knowing who had been there before? Would you feel clean getting out of a dirty shower? We know we wouldn’t.

Unfortunately it is all too common for landlords to skimp on the cleanliness of a property and stand around scratching their heads asking why tenants will not rent my property. In a competitive market landlords need to do everything they can to go that extra mile to win over a long-term tenant.

The truth is you will get a much quicker let – and to a better Tenant – if you set the cleanliness standard before they have moved in. Not only this, you will have also laid down a strong base as to your expectations regarding cleanliness throughout their Tenancy – and it is much more likely that your new tenants will leave it spotless too.

If you are looking to save money by doing the work yourself, carpets can be cleaned by hiring a B&Q ‘Rug-Doctor’ machine for as little as £25.00 over a weekend. A full set of cleaning materials can be picked up from a Wilkinsons store for around £30.00. A day or two at the property may cost you little – but could save you £100s in lost rental income as the property is deemed more desirable.

Perhaps you have not got the time? Could our management service suit you? As letting agents in Nottingham we have a comprehensive list of carefully vetted and fully insured contractors on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only this, our bulk buying power means we can negotiate heavily discounted rates on the works we instruct.

So the next time you have an empty property, consider buying marigolds and cleaning. It might just make the difference between success and failure in your property business.

Call Slater & Brandley today to speak with one of our friendly team about ways in which you can maximise the appeal of your property. It may just be the most profitable call you make all year!