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4 Reasons for Letting Your Property

Buy to let investment


There are strong signs that Buy to Let (BTL) will continue to become a vital part of the overall Private Rental Sector (PRS). A reduction in mortgage supply has led to many first time buyers being forced into renting rather than buying as banks dictate difficult terms with large deposits required. Our belief is that the BTL market will start to grow considerably over the next five to ten years as we become more of a nation of renters similar to countries such as France and Germany.

This fact has not been missed by the banks. With BTL lenders becoming more flexible once again we are starting to see an increase in the number of mortgage products being offered to landlords with rates becoming competitive once again.

If you are a BTL landlord and would like to discuss the merits of having your property managed by an experienced agent call us today and we will be happy to talk through your plans.

Accidental Landlord


At present the market for selling property is price sensitive. And with a lack of first time buyers at the foot of the ladder, property chains are becoming more difficult to put together leading to significant delays in completing a sale.

We regularly hear from homeowners who are considering letting their home in order to move to a new property. This is a good route if you are simply looking to move on with your life. Whether you are looking to buy or rent another property we can help safely let your current property in order that you can move on without delay.

Property remains a solid investment and with many leading economists predicting growing numbers of people looking to rent, there is every reason to be optimistic about being a landlord today.

Working Abroad


Planning to move or work abroad? If so, the chances are that you have plenty of things to arrange right now and maybe looking for an experienced agent that can take away the worry of letting your property. We understand your concerns and are happy to spend time going through your timescales for the move to ensure that finding a good quality tenant becomes straightforward leaving you free to concentrate on your move.



Relocation is something that almost all of us will do at some point in our life. We often find that people choose to relocate with very tight deadlines and this is something that we are good at helping with. With a strong database of applicants our team have become known for their ability to find good quality tenants at very short notice. We also work closely with a number of relocation agents for people moving into Nottingham working for some of the region’s largest employers. This enables us to seek the best possible tenant for your property.

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