Have you ever wondered how to go about updating your rental property on a budget?

From tenancy to tenancy, it is very important to keep a private rental property looking fresh and up to date. This can seem very daunting and feels as though your wallet becomes instantly lighter at the thought, however, investing in the property appearance will be more beneficial long term. A landlord cannot rely on location alone to demand high rental asking price; tenants want a property to feel like a home.

Here’s a list of ways to update your rental property on a budget, without breaking the bank;

  • Paint a feature wall

Magnolia was the usual go to for painting a house, but now days, tenants want something more modern and brighter. Painting an entire room is certainly more costly, however, if you have the time and dedication, doing it yourself will keep costs down. Painting a feature wall will update a property in an instant and will also make a property stand out against the sea of white/creams that are on the market. A simple grey or bright blue will add life to a room and will encourage tenants to look after the decoration. Farrow and Ball offer a great range of colours that are perfect for creating a feature wall.

Colour swatch for choosing a feature wall


  • Update those traditional kitchen cupboards

The kitchen is considered the heart of every home and the price of a brand new one is enough to make anyone’s eyes water! Instead, consider simple updates such as replacing those traditional handles for new modern ones, fitting new unit doors or even the worktops. Another option to give those old cupboards a new lease of life, is with a coat of paint. For something more hard wearing, most hardware stores offer sticky back plastic in a variety of styles and textures that could update those doors to a marble effect in minutes (all be it a very fiddly job).



  • Rent a carpet cleaner

From lease to lease, it is inevitable that carpets will see a fair amount of wear and tear and staining. Recarpeting rooms could cost hundreds, but to put in the elbow work early on could save landlords a lot of money. By cleaning the carpets in between tenancies, it could increase the life span and ultimately freshens up the property in preparation for new tenants. Most supermarkets offer the option to rent a carpet cleaner for a couple of days and often have the shampoo and stain removers in store. You can also find your nearest carpet cleaner from Rug Doctor.

Professional carpet clean


  • Upgrade the lighting and taps

Add a modern twist to a private rented property by upgrading the fixtures. New ceiling lights and shades will upgrade a plain room and new taps will give a bathroom a modern upgrade. New light shades won’t break the bank balance but a little extra funds could go towards spotlights in the kitchen, or even towards chrome switches and sockets.


Kerb appeal is a vital first impression of any property, but if a property looks spotless on the outside, the inside should reflect the same. If your wanting to update your rental property on a budget for accessorizing a property is limited, venture beyond the usual high street shops and explore sites such as Etsy and Ebay for some quirky and modern fixtures that will make a property stand out from the crowd without breaking the bank.


If you want to update your rental property on a budget, contact us for some first hand advice, and by taking advantage of our Fully Managed services, you will have access to all of our contractors who can provide you with competitive quotes and services. Check out our Hints and Tips page for Landlord’s for more information.

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